Marche Du Nain Rouge

Posted 26 March 2017

On Sunday, March 26, 2017, join 6,000 revelers to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the departure of the Nain Rouge, the fiendish imp intent on ruining Detroit.

All are invited to join in the Marche, a parade made up of the citizens of Detroit. No registration required – just show up and join in the celebration. The Marche du Nain Rouge proper begins at 1 p.m. at the intersection of Canfield St. and Second Ave., as revelers celebrate the spring equionox and lay a solid groundwork for hope for the upcoming year, just in case the Nain should try something dastardly.

This year, the Marche is back on Cass Avenue and will head directly in front of Slows To Go. Stop in for a quick bite. We're running to Nain Specials:

  • El Cubano - Our traditional pressed sandwich with smoked pork loin, pulled pork, ham, melted cheese, pickle strips, jalapenos & South Carolina mustard bbq sauce on a Zingerman's Bakehouse hoagie roll.
  • Braised Cabbage

Tell the red imp to GTFO! More info: