Introducing Slows Burritos

Posted 15 March 2019

Happy Friday Slowsians. We're so excited to introduce to you our brand new Late Night Burritos, available exclusively through Uber Eats! 

  • In Detroit Order Here
  • In Grand Rapids Order Here   

Back in the day, our founder Brian Perrone used to sling burritos over at PJ's Lager House. My how things have changed. We're so excited to share these new flavors with you available at both Slows To Go in Midtown, Detroit and Slows in Grand Rapids. 

Grand Rapids Serving Hours:
4-close Sun-Thu & Sat
12-close Fridays

Slows To Go (Detroit) Serving Hours:
5pm-10pm through this first weekend. 
Stay tuned for more hours. 

Party on!